Dental Care

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The Importance of Cleanings & Gum Care

Your teeth and gums need proper maintenance. Daily brushing, flossing and regular dental visits are part of that important process.

When proper oral hygiene routines are neglected, plaque, stain and tartar accumulate on the teeth and complications soon follow.

This first stage of gum disease is called gingivitis which refers to the inflammation of the gums. This includes redness, puffiness and even bleeding of the gums. As the problem deteriorates, the surrounding bone that supports the roots of the teeth is also affected resulting in periodontitis or periodontal disease. During this stage, bone starts to disappear around the roots, resulting in deeper pockets and loose teeth. When periodontitis is left untreated, the teeth (roots) lose their support, gums recede and shrink, eventually leading to sensitivity, infection and tooth loss. A professional cleaning at our office will ensure the removal of plaque & tartar which may be missed or be difficult to remove through brushing and flossing only.

Beyond Oral Hygiene

Regular cleanings at the dental office not only help prevent bad breath and gum disease; Healthy gums are an important component of one’s overall health. When gums are inflamed, red, swollen, full of bacteria-rich plaque and tartar, it is more than just an appearance problem: it is a health issue! There is mounting evidence showing a direct correlation between bad gums and conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, cancer, inflammatory conditions and immune system issues, amongst others.

Whenever one consumes food, bacteria and toxins found in unhealthy gums enter that person’s blood stream. Once in the bloodstream, the same bacteria and toxins attack the individual’s immune system and cause inflammation. The greater the attack on the immune system and the weaker the person’s overall health condition, the more health issues a person may sustain.

It is, therefore, extremely important to practice good oral hygiene at home as well as have regular teeth cleanings by a hygienist or dentist. Of course, exercise and a healthy diet also play a major role in one’s ability to enjoy good overall health.

Some Oral Hygiene Tips

  • Ideally, brush in the morning, evening and after every meal,
  • Floss at the end of the day prior to going to bed,
  • Brush your tongue: bad breath is often caused by food and bacteria present on the tongue surface, and
  • Follow a healthy diet (avoid sugars and carbs as much as possible) and exercise.