Patient giving thumbs up in dental chair_171440846Tooth restorations are required from time to time due to normal wear and tear incurred through the food we eat and/or because of poor oral habits. Left untreated, it can be a source of discomfort, pain or embarrassment. Dr. Peter takes pride in providing the latest in restoration techniques to ensure that his patients have a healthy smile they love. With careful precision, he can remove tooth decay, fix chipped or cracked teeth, close up small gaps and fill big gaps between your teeth. He can help you reconstruct your teeth and its surrounding structures so that you end up with results that are permanent, safe and comfortable. More importantly, you will smile with confidence knowing that your teeth are healthy.

Dental Crowns

Our philosophy is based on the premise that natural teeth are always better than artificial ones. Dr. Peter prides himself on always going to great lengths to save a natural tooth. However, when a tooth is too badly damaged to save, a crown or “cap” may be required. Whether you need a crown for practical or cosmetic reasons, our office can fix your teeth with the precision and special care required for this type of treatment. Dr. Peter has applied the latest in crown technology to deliver amazing results for his patients. Although there are many materials to choose from, such as steel, gold and resins, we typically recommend patients be fitted with non-toxic, natural-looking porcelain crowns that give the perfect balance of strength, structure, comfort and beauty. These crowns provide the chewing surface that feels just like the real thing and can withstand the exertion required from mastication so you won’t even notice the difference!


Dental bridges are one of many options for the replacement of missing tooth or teeth. Much like their name suggests, bridges “bridge” the gap between teeth with a set of ceramic false teeth that attach to the surrounding teeth. This restores a patient’s smile back to its natural look. For those who have suffered from complete tooth loss, bridges can still be an option with the aid of dental implants (teeth with titanium roots that are grafted to the jaw bone). Many of our patients have achieved amazing cosmetic results with dental bridges, and have had their confidence restored with smiles that are natural looking and comfortable.

Dental Fillings

Fillings are among some of the most effective tooth restoration treatments available to remove cavities. Our goal is to provide the safest, most conservative and least invasive way to restore your teeth to health using non-toxic filling materials. A strong advocate of the healthiest dental options, Dr. Peter has completely eliminated mercury fillings from his practice and uses only non-toxic, porcelain or resin materials that support the patient’s long term health. Unless the tooth requires treatment anyway, he would not suggest removing a patient’s silver fillings for that sole purpose.

Dental Implants

For anyone who has experienced tooth loss or major tooth damage, dental implants represents a safe, modern and natural looking solution to a problem which can be embarrassing and/or painful. Unlike bridges which rely on cutting down surrounding teeth for support, dental implants or mini dental implants are attached to the natural bone structure of the jaw. Thus, there is less risk of weakening and/or damaging neighbouring teeth due to the invasive surgery required on the surrounding teeth as is the case for bridges. With proper care, dental implants can be just as strong and durable as your real teeth and bones.

Many of our patients have benefitted from incredible results in the look and feel of their smiles with implants that are not only comfortable, but also provide them with a flawless smile that looks completely natural.


For patients with multiple teeth missing, partial or complete dentures provide a safe, easy and cost-effective solution that can hide unsightly gaps. Available with or without a supporting implant structure, both options provide patients with perfectly natural looking and feeling teeth. They can be moulded and structured to suit the exact appearance and shape of your mouth, and they have similar aesthetic appeal as other more costly dental procedures.