Our Services

Young family (East Orthodontics)_63840160Dundas Dental is dedicated to creating beautiful smiles that reflect the health and wellbeing of our patients. Our professional team of health practitioners takes a comprehensive approach to dentistry, one that focuses on how your oral health impacts your general health. In turn, patients have benefitted from incredible transformations in the aesthetic look of their teeth and in the overall health of their bodies.

Our office provides a wide range of services including: restorations, cosmetic treatments, orthodontics, general dentistry, periodontics and specialty treatments for kids, adults and seniors. We use the latest and safest dental technologies available in the market and we strive towards treatments that are non-toxic, non-invasive and minimize radiation whenever possible. We believe that, for the best possible results, treatments should begin with an in-depth assessment of the patient’s needs coupled with the patient’s education of all available options. In the end, we earn our patients’ loyalty not only because they have beautiful, healthy and straight teeth, but also because we have had an impact on their enhanced general heath too.


Dental restorations can provide pain relief or boost someone’s confidence when performed with careful analysis and a sincere desire to improve the patient’s wellbeing. Dr. Peter uses the latest in dental technology to permanently fix his patients’ restoration needs through crowns, bridges, non-toxic fillings, implants, dentures or mini dental implants. Whether you are in need of repairing a broken tooth or simply need to fix a cavity, he will provide you with a health-focused restorative treatment that will bring back your beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Peter and his staff take an integrated, health-oriented approach to all cosmetic treatments. Whether you need your teeth whitened or want to cover your discoloured teeth with veneers or need a bridge to replace the loss of a tooth, our pledge is that you will only receive treatments that will benefit your long-term oral health. An in-depth assessment will reveal if there are any underlying structural issues that need to be addressed first, followed by the cosmetic treatment needed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. In the end, you will have the healthy, permanent Hollywood smile that you have always dreamed of!


The structure of your teeth is affected greatly by the development of your jaw, jaw bones and surrounding joints and muscles. Orthodontic treatment aims to balance all these areas so that your entire body can function properly. Through the variety of orthodontic options available such as braces, lingual braces, retainers and Invisalign, we can provide you relief from deep bite issues, tooth crowding, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), sleep apnea or snoring.

General Dentistry

Your dental health affects all areas of your wellbeing. If not taken care of properly, poor oral health can lead to many serious issues such as diabetes, oral cancer, gingivitis, infections and more. At Dundas Dental, we provide all the services that can help maintain optimum oral health including: in-depth dental exams, periodic check-ups, hygiene cleanings, oral cancer screenings, root canals and wisdom tooth extraction. Our goal is to ensure that you have all the help and guidance you need to keep your teeth looking and feeling good for life.


One in three Canadians are affected by gum disease, a condition which can have a significant impact over one’s enjoyment of life. Our office offers many services that can help those who suffer from gum disease and gum recession. Whether you need connective tissue grafting or other specialized gum surgeries, our health professionals will restore the health of your gums with only the utmost care for your wellbeing. We also provide preventative treatments for those susceptible to gum disease.

Family Dentistry

Dental treatments vary based on the age and overall health of the patient. Our office provides a variety of services for children, adults and seniors. Each treatment is custom tailored to the unique needs and predisposition of the individual. Whether you are seeking orthodontic help for your young child, or are in need of a restorative treatment for the loss of a tooth as a senior, there are many ways we can help you improve and maintain your oral health. Dr. Peter is also proud to offer some nutritional counselling for those interested in an integrated and holistic approach to achieving optimum health.