Our Technology

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There aren’t many people who look forward to going to the dentist, and fear of needles and the sound of the drill likely have something to do with that…

Laser dentistry is paving the way to making the drill and painful dental procedures a thing of the past. Both soft and hard tissue lasers can be used for a variety of dental procedures, including fillings, gum surgery, tooth cleaning, root canals and tooth whitening.

Lasers are essentially high energy light beams and their use in dental procedures has many benefits, the main ones being less discomfort and improved healing.

Soft tissue laser can be used for treating gums, oral surgery, cleanings and tooth whitening. Lasers can be used in place of scalpels and because they are self-cauterizing, stitches and sutures may become unnecessary. They are also very precise, reducing the impact on surrounding healthy teeth or gums that will be affected by the procedure.

Where patients will see a big difference is with hard tissue laser. Lasers can be used in place of the drill to prepare teeth for fillings. If the cavity is not very close to the nerve, the use of a laser can eliminate the need for anesthetic.

Root canal treatment with lasers is extremely promising as research shows fantastic levels of bacterial kill leading to more predictable outcomes and shorter time in the chair for the patient.

In most procedures, the use of lasers speeds up healing time, allowing patients to get back to normal sooner. Laser dentistry is ideal for children and adults alike who are afraid of drilling and needles! And that’s why Dr. Peter has introduced laser dentistry to his practice.

Digital X-Rays

The introduction of digital radiography has made taking x-rays a much easier and safer procedure for patients and healthcare providers alike. With this technology, digital sensors are used instead of traditional film and reduce exposure to radiation by 75% or more. Almost all patients prefer the sensor to the film in the mouth as it is a much more comfortable procedure. X-rays can then be viewed on the computer monitor within seconds and, if needed, can be emailed anywhere in the world at the touch of a button! Furthermore, toxic chemicals used in development of the old fashioned films have also been eliminated resulting in a healthier and safer working environment for our staff.

Air Abrasion

This drill-less technology is one of Dr. Peter’s favorite tools. The need for freezing is minimal and the procedure avoids using of the drill along with its loud whining noise! With the use of powder and water, we can blast the problem away! Please ask Dr. Peter if this procedure is suitable for you.

Intra-Oral Camera

Communication with our patients has never been easier! As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! Intra-oral cameras enable the dentist to identify a patient’s intra-oral problems and share them with the patient in real time. This helps the patient understand what is going on in their oral cavity and make an informed decision regarding future treatment. We would like to invite you to our office for a free tour of your mouth!