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Finding a great Whitby dentist is not an easy thing to do- and finding one who provides all of the dental services you and your family are looking for is even more difficult. Dundas Dental is accepting new patients and is proud to be able to offer the range of dental services their clients are looking for. If you’ve been searching for a new dentist, consider making an appointment at Dundas Dental.

You can expect a complete oral evaluation when you come to Dundas Dental, supported by dental imaging, a personalized periodontal management program and a well planned course of treatment. Their philosophy is to treat their patients with holistic, comprehensive care, beyond the basic treatment of their mouth and teeth.

Your dental care begins with a complimentary consultation to determine your goals and discuss any issues you may be currently facing. Dr. Peter will provide you with a plan to address your dental needs and schedule an appointment for you to get started. As a patient at the Whitby dentist, there is no doubt you will be pleased to learn that Dundas Dental uses the latest and safest dental technologies available today, striving toward treatments that are non-toxic, non-invasive and minimize radiation whenever possible.

If you’re like most patients, you probably don’t look forward to visiting your dentist. Fear of needles and the sound of a drill can make a big impact with patients and can often keep them out of the dentist office for long periods of time, until dental care becomes necessary. Thankfully, laser dentistry is making the drill and painful dental procedures a thing of the past! Both soft and hard tissue lasers can be used for procedures that include fillings, gum surgery, cleaning, root canals and whitening!

Digital X-rays at the Whitby dentist has made taking X-rays easier and safer for patients and healthcare providers. Digital sensors can now be used instead of traditional film, reducing exposure to radiation by 75%. The sensor is almost always preferred to the film in the mouth as it much more comfortable for the patient.

The Whitby dentist at Dundas Dental offers the following types of treatment:

- Restorations to provide relief from pain or to boost self-confidence, are always performed with the desire to improve the patient’s well-being.

- Cosmetic dentistry, to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the patient’s teeth. With cosmetic dentistry, you can have the Hollywood smile you have always dreamed of!

- Orthodontic treatment including braces, lingual braces, retainers and Invisalign.

- General dentistry, a full range of services that can help maintain optimum oral health, including in-depth dental exams, periodic check-ups, hygiene cleanings, oral cancer screenings, root canals and wisdom tooth extractions.

- Periodontics and preventative treatments for those who are susceptible to gum disease.

- Family dentistry for every member of your household, from children to adults and seniors.

Call the Whitby dentist from Dundas Dental at 905-721-1616 to request your free consultation today and find out why locals love Dr. Peter!
Whitby Dentist
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Whitby Dentist Whitby Dentist

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