General Dentistry

Smiling couple w daughter_166027649An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is the health-centered philosophy that Dr. Peter Olejarz and his team live by. Good dental care and a patient’s overall health are related. That’s why the professional team at Dundas Dental undertakes a detailed review of your medical history and observation of your physical profile prior to even starting any oral examination! Any existing or potential health issues might be the root cause of your dental problems.

A health-centered dental approach is often credited with the elimination or alleviation of health problems ranging from the side effects caused by medications used or improper nutrition. Many health concerns can be rectified or avoided completely through this type of dental care. Even something as basic as gingivitis – which affects one in three Canadians – can be an underlying bodily inflammation factor and a symptom of more serious health complications. At Dundas Dental, the complete health picture of a patient is carefully considered in the diagnosis of his/her custom tailored treatment plan.

While general dental work such as cleanings and fillings can often seem minor – and perhaps inconvenient – prevention tends to be the key to avoiding something as serious as surgery. Dental practices that are based on a health-centered approach can help patients lead healthier lives by reducing systemic inflammation. The solution: brush and floss your teeth, maintain a healthy diet and visit your dentist regularly!

Another aspect of general dental care that can be overlooked is the impact that stress can have on the body. Stress has been linked to bruxism (grinding of the teeth) causing tooth wear and damage to dental fillings and other dental work. For many, just the thought of visiting a dental office can be stressful. Whether it is for a routine dental visit with the hygienist, undergoing a restoration procedure to fix a cavity or a major procedure such as a root canal or getting an implant, the anticipation of a visit to the dental office is fraught with pain and discomfort.

A dental office that takes patient comfort into consideration can alleviate this stress. With a welcoming reception room that includes movies, electronic games, a warm fireplace, and lots of toys for kids, Dundas Dental Office has been designed with the patient’s comfort in mind. Once in the dental chair, the use of modern technology such as laser, digital x-rays (vs. traditional film x-rays) and virtual reality glasses can make a big difference in alleviating patient anxiety and providing a positive overall experience at the dental office.

Great dental health starts with a comprehensive understanding of the current state of a patient’s overall health along with the reasons for any dental discomfort. At Dundas Dental, a new patient examination includes a detailed review of your medical history, observation of your physical profile as well as a complete dental checkup. This is the beginning of your journey to better health along with a beautiful smile.

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