Kids Dentistry

Boy Thumbs Up_165661574Primary teeth usually make their first appearance anywhere from 4 to 9 months after birth. By the age of 2 years old, most toddlers will have their 20 baby teeth.

People often wonder about the appropriate age to bring their kids to the dentist for a check up. Our recommendation would be that a first visit should take place around 3 years of age. This is the time when most children are able to sit in a dental chair and are more cognitively aware.

It is important to start your child’s experience on a good note so as to preserve the quality of their relationship with their oral care provider during their lifetime. Parents should prepare their child properly for the first visit. This could include reading or watching children’s books and movies about a visit to the dentist and speaking positively of one’s own experience with the dentist. A child’s first visit at our office is usually a short one. Dr. Peter obtains the child’s medical history, gets to know the young patient and vice versa and proceeds with a quick examination. At this stage, he is looking for major issues such as rampant caries, poor oral hygiene and any major developmental issues and habits, such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing, large tonsils, major crowding etc., that if not treated early, could cause more significant problems later on in life.

In our experience, most of our young patients do very well at this stage: in addition to the exam with the dentist, they get their teeth polished and flossed and round up their positive experience with a choice of toys from our office. Parents will also get tips on proper brushing and flossing habits, as well as some helpful hints about diet for the kids to promote their overall health. After all, your child’s baby teeth are not just spare teeth. They play a very important role in the future development of the jaw, they hold space for permanent teeth and they are an important component for proper chewing and digestion, speech development and self esteem.

At Dundas Dental, we love kids and we encourage all patients to bring their children to the dentist as soon as possible.