Dental Emergencies

We will deal with emergencies on the same day on a case by case basis. If your tooth has been knocked out (avulsed) and you have it, you should see the dentist as soon as possible, ideally within 30 to 60 minutes. The avulsed tooth can be kept under the tongue, in a cup of milk or saline solution (best) during the transport.

Dental Pain/Infection/Broken Tooth: Please call us immediately at (905) 721-1616 during business hours. Outside of business hours, on Sundays or public holidays, Dr. Peter can be reached on his cell number at (289) 314-8601. You can also go to the nearest hospital emergency department or call the Toronto Dental Emergency Clinic 24-hour Line at (416) 485-7121.

Broken Jaw: depending on the extent of the injury, either go to the nearest hospital or call our office for less severe injuries.