Boy lying on grass w braces_201965491A bright white smile with perfectly straight teeth can take years off and make you look and feel better. Using a health-centered orthodontic approach, Dr. Peter can not only improve the aesthetic look of your teeth, but he can also correct structural problems that affect your long-term health and wellness.
Your head, back and posture are impacted by jaw and tooth misalignment such as crowding or deep bite issues. That is why Dr. Peter’s primary concern is to ensure the proper shape, size and alignment of your jaws. This sets up the stage for a solid foundation where the long-term benefits of excellent tooth structure and body alignment can be reaped, while attaining a beautiful, straight smile.
Using the latest in modern dental technology, Dr. Peter has straightened teeth that had severe crowding, overbite, gap and jaw alignment issues, all without surgery, cosmetic enhancements or tooth extractions. We invite you to review the case studies on the website where you will see many patients whose smiles and facial structures have been transformed by his non-intrusive dental treatments. Patients were not only happy and more confident with the physical appearance of their teeth, but they no longer suffered from jaw stress, tension headaches, sleeping issues and postural pain.

Featured Case Study

This patient had a pronounced overbite.
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Our office’s philosophy is rooted in non-invasive dental techniques because proper non-invasive dental care provides better, tangible, structural changes that last a lifetime. We discourage surgery and cosmetic “quick-fix” procedures and will only pursue this option as a last resort.


Having a gorgeous smile with perfectly straight white teeth has never been easier! Advancements in orthodontic materials, process and treatments have made braces highly effective, affordable and in some cases unnoticeable. Thinner wires, clear brackets and custom retainers provide a wide array of choice to meet each person’s specific needs. Early intervention can prevent surgery, years of pain and tooth extraction especially for young children who can correct their tooth and jaw structure before the problems progress and become more difficult to fix. Braces can correct crowding, deep bite, jaw alignment problems as well as postural, sleeping and headache ailments As one of the simplest and most effective ways to correct structural problems, braces can provide you with a perfect smile, added confidence and life-changing health benefits.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces, or braces that are placed behind your teeth as opposed to the front of your teeth, are the ideal way to straighten your smile without the “look” of braces. More importantly, they can fix serious orthodontic issues and help you avoid years of discomfort throughout life. Many of Dr. Peter’s patients have undergone significant physical transformations with lingual braces and have done so without anyone knowing that they had braces to begin with! Whether you suffer from overbite, underbite, crowding, spatial tooth problems or jaw pain, headaches and back problems, lingual braces can give you a radiant smile and lifetime of health benefits.

Featured Case Study

This patient suffered extreme crowding.
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Invisalign is an alternative option to traditional metal braces for those who require minor orthodontic adjustments. It allows patients with minor crowding, overbite, underbite or small gaps to gradually straighten and correct their tooth alignment with sets of pre-moulded, clear retainers instead of the traditional metal wires. The retainers are “invisible” to the eye and give patients the freedom to remove them as needed. Convenient, comfortable and, best of all, unnoticeable, Invisalign can help you straighten your teeth without the metal braces which can poke at your mouth or limit the type of food you eat.

TMJ, Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Many health issues such as migraines, snoring and sleep apnea (a potentially dangerous condition where your breathing stops temporarily during sleep) can be attributed to temporomandibular (TMJ) problems. Dr. Peter has overseen and corrected many cases where TMJ issues cause head pain, body pain, ear infections, clicking, cracking and locking of the jaws, breathing difficulty, sleeping problems and more. The simple solution to these serious and sometimes debilitating problems is a non-invasive, non-surgical, non-pharmacological orthodontic treatment.

In general, the earlier the orthodontic intervention, the shorter the treatment. Many of our younger patients have been able to enjoy a boost in confidence during their adolescent years with beautiful smiles along with a strong foundation in their health.

Similarly, many of Dr. Peter’s adult patients have undergone significant physical changes with his orthodontic help, experiencing everything from perfectly aligned teeth and improved jaw placement to better posture, sleeping, breathing and relief from headaches. Many of these same people have also remarked how their improved dental structure has given their skin and overall appearance a youthful glow — all without cosmetic surgery.

Passionate about your overall wellbeing, Dr. Peter firmly believes that your oral health is a mirror to your overall health. He would be pleased to share how your dental and health problems can be corrected with simple, non-invasive solutions. Call Dundas Dental and book your free orthodontic consultation today!

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