Teeth Whitening

Mouth only before and after whitening_190934648With the passage of time, teeth may be naturally stained or get darker. This is a natural process which is helped along by the food and liquids we absorb daily such as coffee, tea, wine, spices and any other coloured foods and beverages. While dark/discolored teeth pose no direct risk to one’s health, many people long for beautiful bright smile of straight white teeth.

For a quick, one-session, long-lasting solution, our office offers an in-office whitening. One of the many systems we use is called “Zoom!R.

For a more inexpensive solution, there are at-home whitening kits available where whitening gel is applied to the teeth by the patient at home from a tooth tray professionally made in our office. While results from the home kit take longer to obtain, the tray can be re-used as needed as the results wear off over time.

Most off-the-shelf products work to a certain extent. However, they can be more difficult to apply and often take longer to obtain the same results as the professionally made whitening trays. They may also end up costing as much as a professional whitening kit to due multiple applications required to achieve the same results.